Banyu Hatten Aikido Yuishinkai

Welcome to the beginnings of a new Banyu Hatten Aikido website.


Banyu Hatten Aikido, Kanji

Initially, we have in place the information for were you can find our clubs and join in. A little of the history and background information that we would like to share is already in place.

Banyu Hatten Aikido is a Ki-Style, which may simply be introduced as, flowing or with momentum rather than creating physical leverage. A softer, gentler, fluid martial-art based on and promoting understanding, and one which suited to any age or level of physical ability.

Aikido encompasses the basic unarmed physical techniques and, once you are familiar with the basics, is commonly associated with some study of staff, sword and knife (all wooden), which are used to enhance understanding of the basic Aikido principles and, for some, further developed as martial-arts in themselves.

Ki principles bring a series of solo and breathing exercises, as well as relaxation and massage techniques.

Self-defence exercises are a simple introduction and a practical application that is often foremost in the mind of many new students. It's a good place to start, to build confidence and understanding in what is ultimately a much larger more universally relevant art.


Banyū Hatten Aikido

2012 sees the '25th Anniversary' of our little association and is an opportunity both for us reflect on the lessons of the past and move forward with renewed optimism for the future.


Aikido Yuishinkai

It is often both necessary and practical for small organisations to fall under the umbrella of much larger organisations...

Since 2004, we have been affiliated to Yuishinkai International. With it's common roots in Ki-style Aikido, the leadership of Koretoshi Maruyama - a direct student of Aikido's founder, O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba - and its fundamental goal of Aikido without Politics it is an ideal partner for the organisation and philosophy of Banyū Hatten Aikido.

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